Monday, 11 January 2016

Ice Skating

On Monday the 21st of December all the Ty's went to Blanchardstown to go Ice Skating as all the other years were doing their Christmas exams. We got the bus to Blanch shopping centre and had time to get some lunch and to shop. At 1:30 we met up with all of our year and went out to the ice rink. 

We all got our skates on and went onto the rink. We had the rink to ourselves which was so good because we knew everyone on the ice and all got to be together. We had an hour on the ice and in that time a few poeple fell but i didnt:) 

It was really fun and everyone got on well.  

Mary Poppins

On Wednesday the 16th of December the Ty's went on a trip to the Bord Gais to see Mary Poppins. It was an amazing performance and all the cast played their roles very well. Our school managed to get great seats so we were all able to see perfect. 

We left the school at 9.05 and went straight to the Bord Gais. We were early so we had time to walk around and get some food in the nearby shops. At 2pm we were allowed in and we all got our seats. At the end of the show Mary Poppins came out over the crowd and up into the sky like she was flying. It was amazing and all the effects in the show were done so well that they looked real. it was a great day:) 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Charity Ball :)

Last Friday the 27th of November, myself and all my friends attended a charity ball in the Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth. The ball was in aid of Crumlin Children's Hospital Sickle Cell Foundation. It was organised by a guy in Kings Hospital for his sick sister.

All the girls were dressed in lovely ball dresses and the boys were dressed in suits. There was a photo booth and sweet trolley there for everyone to enjoy. It was great night for a great cause. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Art Trip to Kilkenny :D

On the 24th of September all Ty’s were up bright and early. We left the school at 8 to head down to Kilkenny. We first went to see a private screening of ‘Song of the Sea’ in Kilkenny’s cinema. After we went to Kilkenny Castle where we got a tour of the animation exhibition. It was very interesting to see how the movie we had just seen was made. We got to eat our lunch on the castle grounds which was lovely and also got to stroll around the market. We left Kilkenny at 2:30 so arrive back t school on time.

TY Retreat

In Ty we have a different retreat to what we had in first to third year. We all had to go to the Celbridge Manor Hotel. There we met three people who were going to do the retreat with us. We started off by playing games so everyone got comfortable with each other. We then got into groups and we each given a different scenario to solve. After we went around the group and shared what we thought. It was a great way to get to know everyone’s opinions. After we did meditation which was really relaxing. It was by far the best retreat I’ve had.

Carlingford Trip :)

This was a trip I was most definitely looking forward to. We were told that this was most Ty’s from last year’s highlight of the year. We left school at 9 on Thursday the 17th of September. When we arrived we got split into two activity groups. My group went straight to the water activities. In this activity we got to canoe, pier jump and get a shot on the water trampoline. It was very fun. We went back and had lunch which was chicken and chips. We then went to laser tag. We dressed up in army suits and got our guns. When we got up to the area there was another school there so we were split into two teams, a red team and a blue team. This activity was the highlight of my trip. We went back to the centre got our rooms and had some rest time. After we went on a night activity in the woods. We all sang every sing we could think of and it was so much fun. We were woken up by music playing through the intercom the next morning. We got up had breakfast and made our way to our final activity which was land activities. When we got there, there was a zip line. We weren’t supposed to be going on it but we begged and plead and they gave in and let us. It was so much fun. Overall we had a great two days.

The Dreaded Results.....

Wednesday the 9th of September was a day all students who did their junior cert in 2015 were dreading. In was the day that we would receive our results from the big jc. It was the day were every student would find out how hard they worked over the previous three years. Most students were happy which was a relief. I was more focused on getting ready to go out and have a good night. I was going to Wrights Venue in Swords and I could not wait. I got ready with my friends and we got a bus with all our friends to the venue. It was a great night.